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Top android apps : Entertainment

Geometrics app for Android creates geometric patterns using polar graphing, with the help of simple controls.
Talking Tom Cat 2 Free
This is a new adventure of the popular Tom Cat that repeats your words in a funny way and responds to your touch.
Virtual Match
Virtual Match is an Android app that allows you to light the match, candle, torch or fireplace right at the screen of your Android device.
Funky Cam 3D Free
Funky Cam 3D Free is an Android app that allows you to convert photos, movies or what your camera sees in real time into 3D.
Movie Guess
Movie Guess app for Android allows you to test your knowledge about movies.
Comic Browser
Comic Browser is a web comics browser driven by comic definition for your Android smartphone.
Androidify app allows you to customize the look of the little green Android, the OS symbol, as you wish.
NSG 2011
The Singapore National School Games is back as a video application on your mobile devices.
Geohash Droid
Geohash Droid is a simple Geohashing application for Android, with wiki support.
Kid Mode
Kid Mode for Android locks the Home button while enabling your kids play educational kids games and watch videos.
Palm Reading
Palm Reading is an entertainment Android app that allows you to make fun by reading your or your friend's palm.
Daily Beule Comic Viewer
This is a daily Beule Comic viewer application for Android mobile devices.
Flashlight for Cupcake
This is a simple Flashlight app that works on Android 1.5 Cupcake devices.
GeoBeagle is an open source Android application for geocaching and letterboxing.
eChing Lite
eChing Lite is an ancient Chinese oracle/decision helper with modern wise and funny texts.
Toast is a free app that helps you make a toast with your Android phone.
Ham is an open source Ham Radio application for Android powered smartphones and tablets.
WVTC is an app that helps better access WVTC by seeing the currently playing song, webcam, song queue, recently played songs, and make a request.
Manga Watcher Lite
Manga Watcher Lite is an app to read manga online or download it to your Android powered device in order to read it later.
someoneradar is a free app that displays an arrow pointing to someone else using someoneradar.
Love is...
Love is... is a comic viewer application to read "Love is..." comic on your Android mobile devise.
Garfield is a simple comic viewer app to read Garfield comic on Android devices.
Calvin and Hobbes by CLLam
Calvin and Hobbes is a comic viewer app by CLLam to read Calvin and Hobbes strip on Android phone.
ComicStrip is a comic viewer app to read many popular daily strips on your Android phone.
Simply Cyanide
Simply Cyanide is a viewer app to view Cyanide and Happiness comic on Android smartphones.
Dilbert is a free Dilbert comic viewer app developed for the mobiles running Android OS.
XkcdViewer is an XKCD comic viewer application (with hover text) developed for Android OS powered mobiles.
DogBuzz is a dog whistler app for Android users that generates high frequency sounds to buzz the dogs.
Droid Comic Viewer
Droid Comic Viewer is a lightweight image, comic & manga viewer which currently supports CBZ/ZIP, ACV, CBR/RAR (beta), JPEG, PNG and BMP files.
Happy Decoration Lite
With Happy Decoration Lite app you can create custom birthday cakes, Christmas cakes and many other original virtual cakes.
Ja Hoor!
This is a Ja Hoor! soundboard that provides all the fans with the set of 14 Ja Hoor! sounds.
Events is an app that allows you to find out what interesting events are going on around you.
MP3 Music Download
This app allows you to search, listen and download free music. You can also find lyrics for the songs using this free app.
Issuu Mobile
Issuu Mobile allows you to access favorite magazines, newspapers, catalogs and more.
Talking Santa
Talking Santa is a funny app, where the Santa is going to repeat everything you say and do other funny things.
Kafkara app for Android allows you to create talking avatars in augmented reality.
Dance Dance Display
Dance Dance Display flashes the screen according to the rhythm of music heard through the mic.
PhotoSpot Lite
PhotoSpot Lite provides you with information about all taken pictures, such as date and time, location, weather at the moment of taking picture.
Adult Movies HD
Christmas Carols
Christmas Carols is a free Android application that helps you celebrate Christmas providing with the lyrics of the most popular Christmas songs.
QueueMan is an Android application for Netflix subscribers that enables you control your queues.
SK-LiveJournal is a LiveJournal blog client that enables user to post blog entries to the LiveJournal from Android device.
ARTags is an app that lets you draw wherever and whenever you want leaving your mark in augmented reality.
iLightr Free
iLightr Free application simulates at your Android phone a real lighter with the swaying flame.
WhatsUp application for Android will provide you with the information on upcoming parties and other events happening in UK.
aLighter is a very simple app that puts a picture of the lighter to your Android phone's screen.
aFlashlight by Joe Farrell
aFlashlight by Joe Farrell is a very basic flashlight application for Android phones.
aBubblePop is a very simple entertainment game for people addictive to blowing up bubble wrap.
a World of Faces
a World of Faces shows you photos of people around the world in a single refreshable grid with the short summary on the back side of each picture.
8 Ball
8 Ball is an application for those who rely on fortune and doubt while making a decisions.
5001 Amazing Facts
5001 Amazing Facts is a collection of interesting facts to read at your Android phone and tell your friends.
Balance the Bomb
Balance the Bomb is a game, where you balance the bomb in the palm of your hand and future of all the world depends from you.
#1 Advise me
#1 Advise me is a decision making app that helps you when you are not sure what to do today.
#2 Advise me
#2 Advise me is a decision maker app for Android that will roll the dice to help you every time you doubt.
SG Clock Widget
SG Clock Widget is a StarGate clock widget for your home screen with two sizes available: small and large.
LiquidParticles Live Wallpaper
LiquidParticles Live Wallpaper is a live wallpaper app for Android with lots of particles following your finger's movements.
Earth Live Wallpaper
Earth Live Wallpaper is a live wallpaper to show rotating planets on your home screen.
Camera Fun Free
Camera Fun Free allows you to apply Photoshop effects (e.g. Sketch, Sepia, etc.) to the camera of your Android device.
DVD Easter Eggs
DVD Easter Eggs filled with all your favorite films Easter eggs. They are located inside DVD usually at the main menu allowing you to unlock secrets.
MyEpisodes Manager
MyEpisodes Manager is a mobile Android application for managing watched episodes from
MicDroid is an Android app that records your voice and applies pitch correction to it, which makes it sound funny, like you are singing.
Christmas Snow Clock
Christmas Snow Clock is an clock widget for your Android device that will style your clock as a snowflake.
Plasticine Xmas Clock
Plasticine Xmas Clock is a widget that allows you to bring to your homescreen plasticine-styled clock together with the Christmas spirit.
Substrate is a collection of live wallpapers for Android designed to keep your home screen responsive.
Star Clock
Star Clock is a clock widget for your Android's home screen designed with the stars.
Mystic Clock
Mystic Clock is another clock widget for the Android's home screen by 7art Studio.
Fire Clock
Fire Clock is a clock widget that is styled as a fire and has different colors.
Luminescent Jungle Wallpaper
Luminescent Jungle Wallpaper is a collection of beautiful live wallpapers for Android powered devices.
Christmas Clock
Christmas Clock is a clock widget for the Homescreen of your Android device, that helps you feel the Christmas spirit and keep eye on the time.
Bogr app is aimed to provide convenient reading of the comedy resources such as,, etc. Most sites are in Russian.
Universal NumberPicker
Universal NumberPicker is an Android application that creates numbers for many kinds of lottery.
Miso app for Android allows you to keep track of what you watch and get the scoop about your favorite shows and actors.
Cardoddler I
Cardoddler I is a teaching app that is aimed to teach children alphabet, numbers, and different shapes.
RankingTube is a viewer app that helps you enjoy YouTube and allows you to see YouTube videos of each group by the ranking.
Friendplay CupidLove
Friendplay CupidLove is an Android app aimed to find your ideal match.
Tiny Flashlight LED
Tiny Flashlight + LED is a simple Flashlight app that uses LED of Android device if it has one.
Drink & Cocktail Recipes
Drink & Cocktail Recipes provides you a collection of more than 8500 drinks and cocktails to preparing yourself.
Ringtones app for Android phones allows you to choose from huge collection of popular mp3 rings and sounds, and set them as ringtones.
Air Horn!
Air Horn! is an Android application that produces sounds of air horn, including vuvuzela, reggae horn, train horn and other.
Digitalarti provides you free international digital art news with pictures and videos.
Yachts and Tall Ships
Yachts and Tall Ships helps to navigate the hundreds of tall ships, sailing yachts, luxury vessels and shows a list of upcoming maritime events.
Toddler Lock
Toddler Lock is a child entertainment and locking app to keep your child entertained with shapes and sounds, while keeping other apps out of reach.
Movies by Flixster is a movie app that shows the latest movies coming out, list of theaters near your location, upcoming and recent DVD movies.
DailyStrip is a daily comic strip viewer for your Android phone that features plenty of strips.
Vibrator is a simple app for Android phones that makes your phone vibrate with a selected kind of vibration out of 8 available.
PhotoFunia is an online photo editing tool for Android that gives you a fun filled experience.
Brewster is a funny app that keep tracking and counting sorts of beer you drank, its amount and places where you had beers.


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If you're on android 4.4 , you can enjoy the blinkfeed from htc one onto your device.


The installation procedure is pretty simple . Just follow the instruction as below

Install all the file in the order. First system framework then weather, twitter and lastly Modified

Choose from Launcher Options and the rest for feeds swipe left and select your Topics.

Download :
System Framework



Blinkfeed Launcher


IF above link doesnot work download from the link below from zippyshare

file 1
file 2
file 3
file 4

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