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Best Android apps : Category Finance

Forex-Metal MT4 droidTrader
Forex-Metal MT4 droidTrader allows free mobile MT4 trading for all new and existing clients.
INTMARK is an Android app for internet marketing. Using it you can log into your affiliate accounts, send links using Facebook, Twitter and email.
Debts Book
Debts Book is a simpliest debts book for your Android device to remember the debts/credits for each of your contacts.
FXCM Mobile TSII is a free app that allows Forex trading from your Android mobile device.
MortgageCalc quickly calculates essential mortgage related figures at your Android powered smartphone.
TeleMB application lets you use a phone with national Portugal mobile number to do some banking. It has only Portugal interface.
Buxoid is an Android app that interfaces with service to automatically bring your finances straight to your phone.
AndTip! helps calculating the tip and tax to be added on a bill, and sharing a total bill between many persons.
YellOut Voice Calculator
YellOut Voice Calculator accepts voice commands to solve simple math tasks, calculate tips and split bills, or calculate discounted price of sales.
Cashew is personal finance manager for Android, which allows you to easily track you expenses.
CallMeter NG
CallMeter NG app for Android powered phones helps you sum up your call and text logs.
BalanceRobot lets you automatically check and show your balance at mobile network provider and show it on your home screen.
SharePrice is a free android app that provides the real-time streaming prices for the LSE.
Daily Expense Manager
Daily Expense Manager app is aimed to handle simple expense tracking on your Android smartphone.
Kitco Gold Prices
Kitco Gold Prices app for Android loads and displays live gold prices and charts from
US Economy
US Economy is an app that lets you view variety of charts, graphs, and visual representations of the state of the US (and global) economy.
Simple Tip
Simple Tip is a straightforward and easy to use tip calculator for Android powered devices.
Karl's Mortgage Calculator
Karl's Mortgage Calculator is an app that helps you calculate mortgage with easy to understand graphs and charts.
thinkorswim app allows you trading from the Android powered mobile phone.
mooLa! is a checkbook register that allows you to keep track of your finances and stop overdrafting.
PayPal app for Android mobile phone enables you to operate your PayPal account right from the palm of your hand.
fxTrade in an Android forex trading app, that allows you trading on 54 currency pairs and 4 metal pairs.
Kitco Precious Metal Prices
Kitco Precious Metal Prices app brings live precious metal prices and charts from right on your Android phone.
MoneyManager is a small financial application that shows you where your money is.
Quote Pro
Quote Pro provides you with the stock quotes and supports additional functions like stock symbol search, news feeds, charts, multiple portfolios.
Stock Alert
Stock Alert is an Android app that can track your favorite stock or currency and alert you once it hits defined by you values.
FOX Business
FOX Business app lets you stay connected to the stock market wherever you are with your Android phone.
Billski is a simple bill tracker ads supported application developed for Android based phones.
Tip Me
Tip Me is a simply tip calculator with functions of splitting the bill, and rounding the tip or total bill.
iStockManager is an Android application that provides brokerage services by TD AMERITRADE.
ATM Finder
ATM Finder app provides you with turn-by-turn directions to the nearest bank or ATM, considering your current locations.
Stock Quote
Stock Quote is an Android app that tracks your stock portfolios.
Loan Calc
Loan Calc is a simple calculator for Android powered phones to help you to plan repayment of the loan.
Discover Mobile
Discover Mobile is and Android application for accessing the Discover account information from your mobile.
Auto Loan Calculator
Auto Loan Calculator is an Android tool which helps to manage the car loan payments.
Mileage app for Android devices helps you track the history of your car's fuel mileage. Please downlaod it
Tippy Tipper
Tippy Tipper is a simple open source tip calculator application developed for Android powered smartphones by Bryan Denny.
DailyFinance app for Android provides real-time stock quotes and related info for investors and market followers.
Pageonce is a personal assistant that allows you to manage and track all your finances related accounts from one place.
CNBC mobile app helps you personalize and track your favorite stocks. You can create up to 5 watchlists, with up to 30 stocks in each.
Budget Droid
Budget Droid is an app for Android phones that helps to keep follow your budget each month.
Exchange Rates
Exchange Rates is a tool for Android that converts currencies and exchanges rates.
PNC Mobile
With PNC Mobile one can check balances, view transactions, make one-time bill payments, transfer funds, and locate PNC branches and ATMs.
TicorAgent CA
TicorAgent CA is an Android app aimed to be used by realtors, mortage professionals or anyone buying or selling a home.
Checkbook app for Android devices allows you to keep track of how much money you have in your account (without need to carry around a paper ledger).
ClearCheckbook app for Android integrates with the website to use tools for the finances management.
NetBilling can track mobile network traffic of your phone, automatically calculate your traffic fee every month.
S-Finanzstatus app for Android allows you to operate your bank accounts by German bank Sparkasse.
LiveStock is an application iStockphoto contributors developed to be used on Android powered phones.
Tip Calc
Tip Calc is a simple tip calculator with big virtual keyboard designed to be easy to use on your Android phone.
Tip Calculator TP
Tip Calculator is an easy to use tip calculator with large, bright onscreen keys and an overall bright look.
ProOnGo Expense
ProOnGo Expense allows users to create expense reports just by snapping photos of their receipts.
Cardex is a virtual wallet, which lets you save card details on your Android smartphone.
Financisto is a personal budget manager supporting multiple accounts with multiple currencies, advanced reporting and filtering.
aCurrency Lite
aCurrency is a currency converter for more than 160 currencies with daily exchange rates update.
Mortgage Calculator
Mortgage Calculator is an application to calculate monthly mortgage or auto payment and amortization. Calculations are based on general formula in US.
Finance for Android brings you streaming real-time quotes in this stock quote and portfolio application.
FXware's Currency converts among 160+ currencies and commodities using up-to-the-minute foreign exchange rates.
Simple stock tool to check the up-to-date stock quote and trendline as well. Supports most of the markets around the world.
Pkt Auctions eBay
Pocket Auctions for eBay lets you bid, compare prices, and search active and completed items on eBay.
Wells Fargo: Mobile Banking
Application to operate with your bank account at Wells FargoƂ®.
Currency Converter
Simple currency converter, which uses daily exchange rates from the European Central Bank.
Puluwai helps you find real estate property listings near you or in any location you choose.
Currency Viewer
Currency Viewer is an Android application, which is intended to reflect the most current state of currency exchange market.


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