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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Download LG G3 themes, home and weather widget

The new LG G3 home, weather and widget can be installed on android devices,
If you don't know about LG G3, this is the current flagship of lg mobile

Installation method :

Put in your sd card and flash it through recovery

Download link :

Download V1 Here

Download V2 Here
Download V2 Mirror

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Latest version of Cyanogenmod Apollo music player

The latest version of cyanogenmod music player is here.
Download the best music player from the best from the very best
cyanogenmod onto your device

How to instal
- Just download the apps and instal as normal .apk files

Download link:

If you want to have more mod and apps , visit other thread of our website.

And as always : " KEEP SHARING "

Any Questions comment below

Friday, May 9, 2014

Best android apps: Category Health

Extreme Weight Loss Trainer
Extreme Weight Loss Trainer is a weight loss trainer tool to help you achieve your desired weight loss goals.
Daily Yoga for Back Buildup
Daily Yoga for Back Buildup provides back muscles and fit figure building routine based on 19 yoga asanas, with a 10-minute training duration.
Daily Yoga for Toning Abs
Daily Yoga for Toning Abs provides Abs building routine based on 17 yoga asanas, with animation and an average 10-minute training duration.
Health Calculator
Health Calculator helps you stay up to date with health, controlling your weight and Body Mass Index.
eMa Lite
eMa Lite app for Android offers a collection of meditations plus timer, altar, gong.
Breath Biofeedback
Breath Biofeedback app for Android allows you to do biofeedback with your mobile device.
ElectricSleep is an alarm clock that records your sleep cycles and wakes you up gently during a light sleep cycle.
Relax and Sleep
Relax and Sleep is an app that allows you to compose your personal melody for falling asleep from a variety of predefined sounds
Calming Music to Tranquilize
Calming Music to Tranquilize is a collection of relaxing Chinese music for the meditation.
Simplicity (Calming Music) Lite
Simplicity (Calming Music) Lite is another collection of light Chinese music for the meditation.
Restful Sleep Deluxe Edition
Restful Sleep Deluxe Edition offers special audio tracks to induce sleepiness and better your sleep quality.
Music Therapy for Refreshment
Music Therapy for Refreshment is a music app to optimize your brain which provides a relaxing way to restore your vigor and to refresh your mind.
Music Therapy for Sound Sleep
Music Therapy for Sound Sleep is a music app to optimize human brains. For a necessary sound sleep, Alpha wave set in this app will comfort your mind.
Yoga Moment Lite
Yoga Moment Lite provides yoga tunes that you can listen or use as a background music for the yoga exercises.
Stretch Exercises
Stretch Exercises app allows you to learn various Yoga poses for everyone to enjoy relaxation.
Office Yoga
Office Yoga is a health application for Android users with nine sets of easy yoga movements, which you can practice for relaxation and refreshment.
JustSit is an Android meditation timer designed to help you do one thing - sit.
BioRhythms is an Android app for calculating personal physical, emotional and intellectual biorhythms.
Prescriber's Letter
Prescriber's Letter app offers a subscription service for prescribers to keep them up to date on new developments in drug therapy.
Heart Rate Monitor
With Heart Rate Monitor and a supported chest strap, your Android phone can monitor your heart rate.
HeartRate Monitor
HeartRate Monitor app for Android powered smartphones helps you measure your heart pulse.
NCCN Guidelines
NCCN Guidelines app provides doctors with access to the guidelines for the cancer treatment.
USA Graduate School Medical
The app presents an overview of USA Medical Graduate Schools, as well as their ranking and other useful details.
Hospital Intel
Hospital Intel finds strong performing hospitals near you based on statistics collected by US Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services.
Relief Central
Relief Central is a relief workers assistance app that provides access to multiple relevant guides.
PubMed Mobile
PubMed Mobile allows quick searches of abstracts in database with more than 19 million citations in biomedical and life-sciences journals.
Calculate by QxMD
Calculate by QxMD is a clinical calculator and decision support tool, freely available to the medical community.
Android Biorythms
Android Biorythms is an application that helps you find out your personal biorythms.
MedPage Today Mobile
MedPage Today app offers physicians and other healthcare providers the opportunity to receive unlimited, free CME/CE credits as part of news service.
Diet2Go is a weight-loss application for your Android with the collection of various diet plans.
Self-Hypnosis for Meditation Lite
Self-Hypnosis for Meditation Lite is an app for Android users aimed to help them relax and regain control over stress symptoms.
Sexual Position Live Animation
The app provides a variety of animated positions for the sexual life to make you learn on examples.
Fast Food Calorie Counter
Fast Food Calorie Counter is an Android app that shows you calorie information for foods from many Fast Foods.
runtastic is an Android app that plays a role of your personal trainer that tracks your sport activity.
Buddy Runner
Buddy Runner app provides the capabilities of an expensive GPS enabled personal trainer that will track and monitor all your runs.
Mini Nurse Lite
Mini Nurse is an Android app aimed to help student nurses get to know useful information about nursing, understand medical terms and more.
Pregnancy Calendar
With Pregnancy Calendar app for Android you can follow how the mother and the baby develop week by week.
Anatomy Trivia
Anatomy Trivia is an Android app that opens you some interesting facts about human body, its nature and functioning.
Skyscape is a collection of medical information and decision support resources for healthcare professionals.
Libra app for Android smartphones tracks your weight using a trend line as suggested by the Hacker's Diet.
Anti Mosquito
Anti Mosquito is an Android app that produces a sound in the range of 16 KHz to 20 KHz in order to protect you from mosquitoes who do not like it.
Soup Recipes
Soup Recipes is an app for Android mobiles offers you 10 categories 100 healthy soup making recipes.
Instant Heart Rate
Instant Heart Rate is an app that measures your heart rate using the build-in camera of Android phone.
First Aid for Korean
First Aid for Korean is an app for Android with Korean interface aimed to provide instructions of first aid in the case of emergency.
Fat Calc
Fat Calc is a quick and convenient calculator for Body Fat Percentage and Body Mass Index using only a few simple body measurements.
Simple Weight Recorder
Simple Weight Recorder is a simple tool for Android to record your weight and calculate BMI.
CPR & Choking
CPR & Choking app provides you with video tutorials on how to make CPR and aid a choking victim.
Vegetarian Recipes
Vegetarian Recipes app allows you to find vegetarian recipes from the top recipe sites.
Memorize Pattern
Memorize Pattern is a simple game for Android that is aid to train your visual memory.
Sex Facts
Sex Facts is an Android app that will give you many interesting and useful facts about sex.
PointsList app helps people who are doing Weight Watchers program to find points values for more than 2000 foods.
Medicinal Herbs
Medicinal Herbs is a collection of herbs with their descriptions that are used in complementary and alternative medicine for the illness treatment.
Best Diet Foods
Best Diet Foods is a collection of healthy diet foods descriptions, which you can read on your Android phone or share with friends.
Relax with Andrew Johnson Lite
Relax with Andrew Johnson Lite is a guided meditation and hypnosis audio program to help struggle stress.
JogTracker is an Android app to measure time and distance for runners, walkers, cyclists, with ability to set goals and track the progress.
BMI Calculator
BMI Calculator is a simple ad-supported Android app that calculates you Body Mass Index depending on your weight and height.
Self Help Quotes
Self Help Quotes app is a collection of 100 popular inspirations quotes that will help you to believe in yourself and motivate you.
Lightning Bug
Lightning Bug is a kind of visual sound machine that helps you to create conditions to relax and sleep better.
Endomondo is a sport tracking application that helps you keep track of time and distance you have run, cycled, walked, etc.
Magic day
Magic day is a menstruation tracking application that will help women view the cycles on the Android phone.
White Noise Lite
White Noise Lite app helps you to sleep or just relax by playing ambient sounds of the environment.
First Aid
First Aid is an app designed to help you follow the right instructions in a stressful emergency situation, which needs first aid application.
WW Point Calculator
WW Point Calculator is an app to calculate the Weight Watcher Point Value of any food with listed nutritional information.
Food & Fitness Tracker
Food & Fitness Tracker app is a mobile extension of diet and fitness platform, which helps you stay fit.
MyFitnessPal is a calorie counter and diet tracker application for Android powered smartphones.
Mover is an exciting app for Android that allows you to track your activity level and helps you become more active.
DroidFit is the one stop app you need while working out. No more need to bring your notebook and stopwatch with you while working out.
AlcoCalculator allows to calculate your blood alcohol concentration taking into account your weight, sex, and the amount of alcohol you have consumed.
Wrister is an application that will help you to get reed of the wrist pain after long work at computer.
Symptom Checker
With the Symptom Checker health application you can discover the most common causes of the most common symptoms.
YourSport Lite
YourSport Lite helps you to lose weight and stay in shape, count everyday calories, monitor your weight changes, log activities and much more.
Medicine Buddha Mantra
Medicine Buddha Mantra is an app that helps healing of physical illnesses and purification of negative Karma.
Quan Yin Mantra
Quan Yin is one of the most universally beloved of deities in the Buddhist tradition.
QuitSmoking is the application that will help you quit smoking by gradually reducing the number of cigarettes you smoke daily.
SportyPal OS1.5
SportyPal OS1.5 is an GPS fitness tracker intended for the devices running Android OS 1.5.
Buddhist Meditation Lite
Buddhist Mediatation is a Buddhist Music stimulation application that can generate pure and clear Buddhist Sounds.
SportyPal is an GPS fitness tracker that keeps record/map of your movement, speed, distance, time, calories burned.
Mood Tracker
Mood Tracker is a mood notebook application, where you can record pressure, mood, tiredness, and also add some comments.
Benefit Tools
Benefit Tools from Assurant uses location of your phone to help you find a dentist nearby when you need one.
Brain Booster
Brain Booster is specially designed for the best Android user experience, and will give your brain a fresh start any time during the day.

Brain Sooth
Brain Sooth is an application for the Android smartphone that soothes your mind and relieves headaches.
Relaxus Lite
Relaxus Lite is a wonderful collection of Sounds of Nature and Melodic Tunes to help you relax at your desired setting.
Brainwave Tuner Lite
Brainwave Tuner is a brain wave stimulation app that generates tones with binaural beats to change your brain frequency towards the desired state.
Period and Ovulation Tracker
Period and Ovulation Tracker allows women to enter period each month and predict next period, likely date of ovulation, and likely fertile window.
Once you are ill with iTriage you can search symptoms, explore the possible causes, and find the best treatment facility or doctor in your area.
Epocrates Rx is an offline drug database and allows quick and easy access to thousands of drug monographs.
OnTrack allows a diabetic to track various statistics such as glucose, exercise, medication and food.
CardioTrainer is your training partner for running, cycling, and other cardio fitness activities.
Dildroid is a free multi-speed vibrator emulator for the Google Android OS powered phones.
Healthy Recipes - SparkRecipes
With Healthy Recipes one can browse thousands of recipes, and save favorite ones. It provides calories, fat, and more for each recipe.
My Days
My Days is an application that designed for women to follow up period and the related information.
Calorie Counter
Calorie Counter is a simple tool for Android to find all the calorie and nutrition facts for the foods you eat.

Best Android apps : Category Finance

Forex-Metal MT4 droidTrader
Forex-Metal MT4 droidTrader allows free mobile MT4 trading for all new and existing clients.
INTMARK is an Android app for internet marketing. Using it you can log into your affiliate accounts, send links using Facebook, Twitter and email.
Debts Book
Debts Book is a simpliest debts book for your Android device to remember the debts/credits for each of your contacts.
FXCM Mobile TSII is a free app that allows Forex trading from your Android mobile device.
MortgageCalc quickly calculates essential mortgage related figures at your Android powered smartphone.
TeleMB application lets you use a phone with national Portugal mobile number to do some banking. It has only Portugal interface.
Buxoid is an Android app that interfaces with service to automatically bring your finances straight to your phone.
AndTip! helps calculating the tip and tax to be added on a bill, and sharing a total bill between many persons.
YellOut Voice Calculator
YellOut Voice Calculator accepts voice commands to solve simple math tasks, calculate tips and split bills, or calculate discounted price of sales.
Cashew is personal finance manager for Android, which allows you to easily track you expenses.
CallMeter NG
CallMeter NG app for Android powered phones helps you sum up your call and text logs.
BalanceRobot lets you automatically check and show your balance at mobile network provider and show it on your home screen.
SharePrice is a free android app that provides the real-time streaming prices for the LSE.
Daily Expense Manager
Daily Expense Manager app is aimed to handle simple expense tracking on your Android smartphone.
Kitco Gold Prices
Kitco Gold Prices app for Android loads and displays live gold prices and charts from
US Economy
US Economy is an app that lets you view variety of charts, graphs, and visual representations of the state of the US (and global) economy.
Simple Tip
Simple Tip is a straightforward and easy to use tip calculator for Android powered devices.
Karl's Mortgage Calculator
Karl's Mortgage Calculator is an app that helps you calculate mortgage with easy to understand graphs and charts.
thinkorswim app allows you trading from the Android powered mobile phone.
mooLa! is a checkbook register that allows you to keep track of your finances and stop overdrafting.
PayPal app for Android mobile phone enables you to operate your PayPal account right from the palm of your hand.
fxTrade in an Android forex trading app, that allows you trading on 54 currency pairs and 4 metal pairs.
Kitco Precious Metal Prices
Kitco Precious Metal Prices app brings live precious metal prices and charts from right on your Android phone.
MoneyManager is a small financial application that shows you where your money is.
Quote Pro
Quote Pro provides you with the stock quotes and supports additional functions like stock symbol search, news feeds, charts, multiple portfolios.
Stock Alert
Stock Alert is an Android app that can track your favorite stock or currency and alert you once it hits defined by you values.
FOX Business
FOX Business app lets you stay connected to the stock market wherever you are with your Android phone.
Billski is a simple bill tracker ads supported application developed for Android based phones.
Tip Me
Tip Me is a simply tip calculator with functions of splitting the bill, and rounding the tip or total bill.
iStockManager is an Android application that provides brokerage services by TD AMERITRADE.
ATM Finder
ATM Finder app provides you with turn-by-turn directions to the nearest bank or ATM, considering your current locations.
Stock Quote
Stock Quote is an Android app that tracks your stock portfolios.
Loan Calc
Loan Calc is a simple calculator for Android powered phones to help you to plan repayment of the loan.
Discover Mobile
Discover Mobile is and Android application for accessing the Discover account information from your mobile.
Auto Loan Calculator
Auto Loan Calculator is an Android tool which helps to manage the car loan payments.
Mileage app for Android devices helps you track the history of your car's fuel mileage. Please downlaod it
Tippy Tipper
Tippy Tipper is a simple open source tip calculator application developed for Android powered smartphones by Bryan Denny.
DailyFinance app for Android provides real-time stock quotes and related info for investors and market followers.
Pageonce is a personal assistant that allows you to manage and track all your finances related accounts from one place.
CNBC mobile app helps you personalize and track your favorite stocks. You can create up to 5 watchlists, with up to 30 stocks in each.
Budget Droid
Budget Droid is an app for Android phones that helps to keep follow your budget each month.
Exchange Rates
Exchange Rates is a tool for Android that converts currencies and exchanges rates.
PNC Mobile
With PNC Mobile one can check balances, view transactions, make one-time bill payments, transfer funds, and locate PNC branches and ATMs.
TicorAgent CA
TicorAgent CA is an Android app aimed to be used by realtors, mortage professionals or anyone buying or selling a home.
Checkbook app for Android devices allows you to keep track of how much money you have in your account (without need to carry around a paper ledger).
ClearCheckbook app for Android integrates with the website to use tools for the finances management.
NetBilling can track mobile network traffic of your phone, automatically calculate your traffic fee every month.
S-Finanzstatus app for Android allows you to operate your bank accounts by German bank Sparkasse.
LiveStock is an application iStockphoto contributors developed to be used on Android powered phones.
Tip Calc
Tip Calc is a simple tip calculator with big virtual keyboard designed to be easy to use on your Android phone.
Tip Calculator TP
Tip Calculator is an easy to use tip calculator with large, bright onscreen keys and an overall bright look.
ProOnGo Expense
ProOnGo Expense allows users to create expense reports just by snapping photos of their receipts.
Cardex is a virtual wallet, which lets you save card details on your Android smartphone.
Financisto is a personal budget manager supporting multiple accounts with multiple currencies, advanced reporting and filtering.
aCurrency Lite
aCurrency is a currency converter for more than 160 currencies with daily exchange rates update.
Mortgage Calculator
Mortgage Calculator is an application to calculate monthly mortgage or auto payment and amortization. Calculations are based on general formula in US.
Finance for Android brings you streaming real-time quotes in this stock quote and portfolio application.
FXware's Currency converts among 160+ currencies and commodities using up-to-the-minute foreign exchange rates.
Simple stock tool to check the up-to-date stock quote and trendline as well. Supports most of the markets around the world.
Pkt Auctions eBay
Pocket Auctions for eBay lets you bid, compare prices, and search active and completed items on eBay.
Wells Fargo: Mobile Banking
Application to operate with your bank account at Wells Fargo®.
Currency Converter
Simple currency converter, which uses daily exchange rates from the European Central Bank.
Puluwai helps you find real estate property listings near you or in any location you choose.
Currency Viewer
Currency Viewer is an Android application, which is intended to reflect the most current state of currency exchange market.

Top android apps : Entertainment

Geometrics app for Android creates geometric patterns using polar graphing, with the help of simple controls.
Talking Tom Cat 2 Free
This is a new adventure of the popular Tom Cat that repeats your words in a funny way and responds to your touch.
Virtual Match
Virtual Match is an Android app that allows you to light the match, candle, torch or fireplace right at the screen of your Android device.
Funky Cam 3D Free
Funky Cam 3D Free is an Android app that allows you to convert photos, movies or what your camera sees in real time into 3D.
Movie Guess
Movie Guess app for Android allows you to test your knowledge about movies.
Comic Browser
Comic Browser is a web comics browser driven by comic definition for your Android smartphone.
Androidify app allows you to customize the look of the little green Android, the OS symbol, as you wish.
NSG 2011
The Singapore National School Games is back as a video application on your mobile devices.
Geohash Droid
Geohash Droid is a simple Geohashing application for Android, with wiki support.
Kid Mode
Kid Mode for Android locks the Home button while enabling your kids play educational kids games and watch videos.
Palm Reading
Palm Reading is an entertainment Android app that allows you to make fun by reading your or your friend's palm.
Daily Beule Comic Viewer
This is a daily Beule Comic viewer application for Android mobile devices.
Flashlight for Cupcake
This is a simple Flashlight app that works on Android 1.5 Cupcake devices.
GeoBeagle is an open source Android application for geocaching and letterboxing.
eChing Lite
eChing Lite is an ancient Chinese oracle/decision helper with modern wise and funny texts.
Toast is a free app that helps you make a toast with your Android phone.
Ham is an open source Ham Radio application for Android powered smartphones and tablets.
WVTC is an app that helps better access WVTC by seeing the currently playing song, webcam, song queue, recently played songs, and make a request.
Manga Watcher Lite
Manga Watcher Lite is an app to read manga online or download it to your Android powered device in order to read it later.
someoneradar is a free app that displays an arrow pointing to someone else using someoneradar.
Love is...
Love is... is a comic viewer application to read "Love is..." comic on your Android mobile devise.
Garfield is a simple comic viewer app to read Garfield comic on Android devices.
Calvin and Hobbes by CLLam
Calvin and Hobbes is a comic viewer app by CLLam to read Calvin and Hobbes strip on Android phone.
ComicStrip is a comic viewer app to read many popular daily strips on your Android phone.
Simply Cyanide
Simply Cyanide is a viewer app to view Cyanide and Happiness comic on Android smartphones.
Dilbert is a free Dilbert comic viewer app developed for the mobiles running Android OS.
XkcdViewer is an XKCD comic viewer application (with hover text) developed for Android OS powered mobiles.
DogBuzz is a dog whistler app for Android users that generates high frequency sounds to buzz the dogs.
Droid Comic Viewer
Droid Comic Viewer is a lightweight image, comic & manga viewer which currently supports CBZ/ZIP, ACV, CBR/RAR (beta), JPEG, PNG and BMP files.
Happy Decoration Lite
With Happy Decoration Lite app you can create custom birthday cakes, Christmas cakes and many other original virtual cakes.
Ja Hoor!
This is a Ja Hoor! soundboard that provides all the fans with the set of 14 Ja Hoor! sounds.
Events is an app that allows you to find out what interesting events are going on around you.
MP3 Music Download
This app allows you to search, listen and download free music. You can also find lyrics for the songs using this free app.
Issuu Mobile
Issuu Mobile allows you to access favorite magazines, newspapers, catalogs and more.
Talking Santa
Talking Santa is a funny app, where the Santa is going to repeat everything you say and do other funny things.
Kafkara app for Android allows you to create talking avatars in augmented reality.
Dance Dance Display
Dance Dance Display flashes the screen according to the rhythm of music heard through the mic.
PhotoSpot Lite
PhotoSpot Lite provides you with information about all taken pictures, such as date and time, location, weather at the moment of taking picture.
Adult Movies HD
Christmas Carols
Christmas Carols is a free Android application that helps you celebrate Christmas providing with the lyrics of the most popular Christmas songs.
QueueMan is an Android application for Netflix subscribers that enables you control your queues.
SK-LiveJournal is a LiveJournal blog client that enables user to post blog entries to the LiveJournal from Android device.
ARTags is an app that lets you draw wherever and whenever you want leaving your mark in augmented reality.
iLightr Free
iLightr Free application simulates at your Android phone a real lighter with the swaying flame.
WhatsUp application for Android will provide you with the information on upcoming parties and other events happening in UK.
aLighter is a very simple app that puts a picture of the lighter to your Android phone's screen.
aFlashlight by Joe Farrell
aFlashlight by Joe Farrell is a very basic flashlight application for Android phones.
aBubblePop is a very simple entertainment game for people addictive to blowing up bubble wrap.
a World of Faces
a World of Faces shows you photos of people around the world in a single refreshable grid with the short summary on the back side of each picture.
8 Ball
8 Ball is an application for those who rely on fortune and doubt while making a decisions.
5001 Amazing Facts
5001 Amazing Facts is a collection of interesting facts to read at your Android phone and tell your friends.
Balance the Bomb
Balance the Bomb is a game, where you balance the bomb in the palm of your hand and future of all the world depends from you.
#1 Advise me
#1 Advise me is a decision making app that helps you when you are not sure what to do today.
#2 Advise me
#2 Advise me is a decision maker app for Android that will roll the dice to help you every time you doubt.
SG Clock Widget
SG Clock Widget is a StarGate clock widget for your home screen with two sizes available: small and large.
LiquidParticles Live Wallpaper
LiquidParticles Live Wallpaper is a live wallpaper app for Android with lots of particles following your finger's movements.
Earth Live Wallpaper
Earth Live Wallpaper is a live wallpaper to show rotating planets on your home screen.
Camera Fun Free
Camera Fun Free allows you to apply Photoshop effects (e.g. Sketch, Sepia, etc.) to the camera of your Android device.
DVD Easter Eggs
DVD Easter Eggs filled with all your favorite films Easter eggs. They are located inside DVD usually at the main menu allowing you to unlock secrets.
MyEpisodes Manager
MyEpisodes Manager is a mobile Android application for managing watched episodes from
MicDroid is an Android app that records your voice and applies pitch correction to it, which makes it sound funny, like you are singing.
Christmas Snow Clock
Christmas Snow Clock is an clock widget for your Android device that will style your clock as a snowflake.
Plasticine Xmas Clock
Plasticine Xmas Clock is a widget that allows you to bring to your homescreen plasticine-styled clock together with the Christmas spirit.
Substrate is a collection of live wallpapers for Android designed to keep your home screen responsive.
Star Clock
Star Clock is a clock widget for your Android's home screen designed with the stars.
Mystic Clock
Mystic Clock is another clock widget for the Android's home screen by 7art Studio.
Fire Clock
Fire Clock is a clock widget that is styled as a fire and has different colors.
Luminescent Jungle Wallpaper
Luminescent Jungle Wallpaper is a collection of beautiful live wallpapers for Android powered devices.
Christmas Clock
Christmas Clock is a clock widget for the Homescreen of your Android device, that helps you feel the Christmas spirit and keep eye on the time.
Bogr app is aimed to provide convenient reading of the comedy resources such as,, etc. Most sites are in Russian.
Universal NumberPicker
Universal NumberPicker is an Android application that creates numbers for many kinds of lottery.
Miso app for Android allows you to keep track of what you watch and get the scoop about your favorite shows and actors.
Cardoddler I
Cardoddler I is a teaching app that is aimed to teach children alphabet, numbers, and different shapes.
RankingTube is a viewer app that helps you enjoy YouTube and allows you to see YouTube videos of each group by the ranking.
Friendplay CupidLove
Friendplay CupidLove is an Android app aimed to find your ideal match.
Tiny Flashlight LED
Tiny Flashlight + LED is a simple Flashlight app that uses LED of Android device if it has one.
Drink & Cocktail Recipes
Drink & Cocktail Recipes provides you a collection of more than 8500 drinks and cocktails to preparing yourself.
Ringtones app for Android phones allows you to choose from huge collection of popular mp3 rings and sounds, and set them as ringtones.
Air Horn!
Air Horn! is an Android application that produces sounds of air horn, including vuvuzela, reggae horn, train horn and other.
Digitalarti provides you free international digital art news with pictures and videos.
Yachts and Tall Ships
Yachts and Tall Ships helps to navigate the hundreds of tall ships, sailing yachts, luxury vessels and shows a list of upcoming maritime events.
Toddler Lock
Toddler Lock is a child entertainment and locking app to keep your child entertained with shapes and sounds, while keeping other apps out of reach.
Movies by Flixster is a movie app that shows the latest movies coming out, list of theaters near your location, upcoming and recent DVD movies.
DailyStrip is a daily comic strip viewer for your Android phone that features plenty of strips.
Vibrator is a simple app for Android phones that makes your phone vibrate with a selected kind of vibration out of 8 available.
PhotoFunia is an online photo editing tool for Android that gives you a fun filled experience.
Brewster is a funny app that keep tracking and counting sorts of beer you drank, its amount and places where you had beers.

Best Android Apps : Communication

VKontakte is the official Android client for the social network
Mobile Agent Mail.Ru
Mobile Agent Mail.Ru allows to use Russian web service Mail.Ru on the Android supported mobile devices.
Exsoul Browser
Exsoul Browser is a web browser application to be used on Android powered smartphones and tablets.
The dedicated Gmail app for Android supported mobiles integrated with Contacts and Android applications.
Facebook Messenger
A messenger client that uses your Facebook account.
Google+ is a mobile application designed for convenient use of social networks service by Google from Android device.
HeyWire is an Android app that allows send and receive text messages from your smartphone.
imo is an instant messenger that allows you to chat on Skype, Facebook Chat, Google Talk, MSN, ICQ/AIM, Yahoo, Jabber, Myspace from a single place.
Grindr is a nearby buddy finder app that allows gay & bi-curious guys find and chat each other.
Yahoo! Messenger Plug-in
This plug-in adds voice and video functionality in the Yahoo! Messenger app.
Party n Play
Party n Play uses GPS to determine user's exact location and instantly connects with other gay, bisexual or curious guys in the area.
Cuckold Space
Cuckold Space is an app designed for members of private dating community for people in interracial and cuckold lifestyle.
Rotary Dialer
Rotary Dialer is a small app that makes your dialer look as an old style rotary dialer. It allows the phone to have a nostalgic look.
BlackList is a call/SMS filter tool for Android smartphones to avoid undesirable calls or text messages.
ReChat is a chat application for Android that supports Facebook, Yahoo!, Google Talk, basic Jabber/XMPP.
Free SMS by RefineAndroid
Free SMS is an app by RefineAndroid that enables you to send text messages mainly free of charge.
EnumDroid is an ENUM (RFC 3761) call routing application for Android smartphones.
Bluez IME
Bluez IME app provides with a soft keyboard that can read data from a Bluetooth input device.
DroidSSHd is an open source app that allows you to configure and manage a Dropbear SSH daemon on Android devices.
Zirco Browser
Zirco Browser is an open-source alternative browser for Android supported mobile devices.
IcingaDroid is an Icinga monitor application for Android powered smartphones that helps you monitor your servers.
XfDroid is an unofficial Xfire client application for the mobile devices running on Android OS.
Phone Silencer
Phone Silencer lets you sleep well by Muting ringer for night, then restoring volume at morning.
Gandu is an Android application that supports communication per Gadu-Gadu protocol.
SETT Browser
SETT Browser is a browser for Android that can view web pages with Sinhala/Tamil Unicode text.
GTalkSMS allows you to receive notifications (calls, SMS, power status) and send commands (SMS, geolocalization) to your Android with a GTalk account.
VPN Connections
VPN Connections is a package that allows Android phones to connect to Cisco like VPN concentrators.
MeemiDroid is a client app for the Meemi service to be used on Android portable devices.
SSHTunnel is an open source SSH tunneling application for Android mobile phones and tablets.
Corporate Addressbook
Corporate Addressbook is an Android application that looks up Exchange Global Address List for contacts.
APG app manages OpenPGP keys on your Android phone, uses them to encrypt, sign, decrypt emails and files.
Scrollable Contact
Scrollable Contact is a contact widget for the home replacement apps that supports scrollable contacts.
Kazaloo free
Kazaloo free is social app to swap photos and meet new people online, to chat with them from your Android.
me360 free app helps you to discover with your Android mobile interesting places to visit in your surrounding.
Maxthon Browser
World's fastest and smartest mobile browser. Maxthon Browser is an Android browser which comes with RSS feeds widget.
Eplixo is a video conference app that incorporates Twitter Client and allows Android to Android or Android to Laptop/PC communication.
Blaving is a new voice Social Network that allows you to record instantaneous voice posts and publish them.
Crowdroid is a multifunction microblogging client that allows you to use many microblogging services on Android phone.
3V Browser
3V Browser is a browser that stays in the vertical view, which is useful for tablets that don't have sensors/orientation and are locked horizontally.
TiKL allows to instantly talk to one or a group of friends at once with the touch of a button.
Make FREE Video chat - VoIP Calls. Text messages, greatest Voice, Video calling experience and Group Video Calling and Group Messaging.
GO Sms is an SMS application designed for Android, providing fast and convenient SMS/MMS experience.
WhoIsCalling tells you who is calling you, when you don't have the number in your address book, by querying White/Yellow Pages.
NetQin Android Booster
NetQin Mobile Guard is designed to optimize system while minimizing the power consumption, and keeping users in control of internet usage.
NetQin Anti-virus
Supported by a cloud-security model, NetQin Anti-virus is designed to protect Android devices against viruses and malware.
NetQin Mobile Manager
NetQin Mobile Manager is designed to keep users in control of their phone, with a private space within the phone, and protect the users on the road.
Mirsal application lets you read Arabic/Persian SMS, reply, forward and create SMS.
QQ app for Android is a client app for the popular Chinese chat. The app has Chinese only interface.
Twitter app, as the name suggests is a free official client app for the popular Twitter service.
Google Earth
Google Earth is a window to anywhere that allows you to view the entire planet with the swipe of a finger.
AndroBOINC is an open source manager app for the BOINC clients that can be used on Android smartphone.
DroidTracker app for Android lets you share your location via SMS, mail and Twitter.
WiFi Advanced Configuration Editor
WiFi Advanced Configuration Editor is a simple tool to edit the advanced parameters of the configured wireless networks.
Communication Explorer
The app is designed to help communication researchers understand the social networking practices and attitudes of Android phone users.
PhoneQ Lite
PhoneQ Lite lets you build a list of phone calls you need to make before you get in the car. When it's time, it will prompt for you to make the call.
Contact:Finder Lite
This is a Lite edition of Contact:Finder app that helps you find contacts with email addresses, phones, companies, locations and other contact info.
SMS Alarm
SMS Alarm can monitor up to 3 numbers from your contacts and informs you with audio and visual alarm, once you get SMS from one of these numbers.
SmsForFree Lite
SmsForFree Lite is an open source app for Android that lets you send up to 5 SMS per day in Aimon, JackSMS, SubitoSMS, Voipstunt modile networks.
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Vodafone CZ SMS
Vodafone CZ SMS allows you send free SMS in several Czech mobile networks via public SMS gates.
smsETH is an Android client for the SMS gateway (service fee is charged for an SMS) of the ETH Zurich.
Phonebook 2.0
Phonebook 2.0 is a contextual address book for Android well integrated with the popular social networking services.
ServDroid.web is a Web server application for Android that serves HTML pages on the client requests.
AndroBuntu is an open source app to remotely control Ubuntu with Android smartphone.
Synodroid is an open source download station like for Synology's NAS on Android platform.
Phone Finder
Phone Finder app helps you find your lost or stolen Android mobile device by sending GPS coordinates as an answer to SMS.
Boxee Remote
Boxee Remote is Android remote control open source application for Boxee and XBMC services.
Android Torrent
Android Torrent is a torrent application for the Android platform based mobile devices.
aTweeter is a lightweight Twitter client for the Android mobile platform.
JackSMS is an application that allows you to send SMS worldwide via JackSMS provider.
HellaDroid is a remote HellaNZB query client application to monitor a running HellaNZB process on a server.
NetReco tool provides quick network reconnection functionality for Android powered phones.
Droidstack app allows you to browse StackExchange websites from your Android supported device. Mobile Mobile is a mobile version of developed for Android supported devices.
Android Online
Android Online provides an interface to the special forum, where one can chat on Android related topics. The app has Portuguese UI only.
5 VPN is a shortcut to the built in VPN settings, which saves your password so you only need to write it once.
1nternet is a simple browser application for Android that supports tabs.
SMS Control Center
SMS Control Center allows you to create, send and receive SMS from PC via Android mobile phone connected to your computer.
Dialer One
Dialer One is a smart multilingual T9-like dialer application for Android.
Sipdroid is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) application for the Google Android operating system using the Session Initiation Protocol.
Yahoo! Messenger
Yahoo! Messenger is the official Yahoo! Messenger app for Android mobile devices.
Yahoo! Mail
Yahoo! Mail is an official Yahoo! mail app to be used on Android powered device.
With DialNowSMS for Android powered smartphones one can send cheap SMS over Betamax service providers.
TalkMyPhone open source app allows you to control your Android phone over Gtalk.
ICQ Mobile
ICQ Mobile for Android allows you to chat with friends on Facebook and receive their status updates from social networks directly to ICQ.
RadioLinx Calculator
ProSoft RadioLinx Calculator is a free engineering tool for the planning your Wireless network.
MythDroid is an open-source MythTV remote control system for Android powered smartphones.
OpenVPN Installer
OpenVPN Installer app does nothing else as installs openVPN on your rooted Android device.
mixare is an Android augmented reality app that indicated Wikipedia, Twitter and Buzz entries around your current location.
SyncMyPix allows you synchronize your phone's contact pictures with the profiles photos of your Facebook friends.
PRemoteDroid app is a client-part app that turns your Android phone into the remote control for the desktop.
DesktopSMS is an Android application allowing to write SMS messages on the PC and send them through the Android device.
SwiFTP is an open-source FTP server that lets you connect to your phone over WiFi or cellular/3G to upload and download files.
OpenVPN Settings
OpenVPN Settings app for Android can start, stop and monitor the state of openVPN tunnels.
IMSDroid is the first fully featured open source 3GPP IMS Client for Android devices.
exchangeIt is a simple email client for Android that supports Exchange OWA (Outlook Web Access) through WebDav.
mythmote installed on your Android device allows you to control MythTV frontends through a network connection, using.
CSipSimple is an open source SIP application developed for Android enforced devices.
Andrico is a Facebook synchronizer application for Android platform.
POSIT is a Portable Open Search and Identification Tool for the mobile Android platform.
Proxoid is a http proxy for Android, which does not require root permission to work.
PMix is an open source MPD client for Android, using which you can control MPD server.
RemoteDroid app for Android turns your phone into a wireless keyboard and mouse, with the help of your wireless network.
VK for Android is a client for the (, the most popular social network service in Russia.
Opera Mobile
Opera Mobile is a web browser for Android with multitouch zooming, geolocation functionality and other useful features.
i-jetty is a port of the popular Jetty open-source web container for the Android mobile platform.
Wireless Tether
Wireless Tether enables WiFi and Bluetooth tethering for rooted Android handsets.
Remote Notifier
Remote Notifier is a desktop event notifier application for Android devices. It requires installation of a counterpart software on the PC/Mac.
SMSdroid is an Android app to read your SMS texts that allows using any other custom app to write SMS.
Kik Messenger
Kik Messenger is a free smartphone to smartphone chat application available for Android.
Call Waiting Configurations
Call Waiting Configurations allows you to customize how will you get notified about waiting call or SMS, when you are already on the line.
Skype for Android allows you to chat with friends, make free skype-to-skype voice and video calls and low chargeable mobile and landline calls.
Adblock Plus
Adblock Plus is an add-on for Dolphin Browser HD that can be used to filter out and block image adds while browsing.
Dolphin HD Theme: Purple
Dolphin HD Theme: Purple is an apk-package that allows you to apply the Purple theme to your Dolphin Browser HD.
Dolphin HD Theme: Blue
Dolphin HD Theme: Blue is an apk-package that allows Android users to set the Blue theme to Dolphin Browser HD.
Dolphin HD Theme: Red
Dolphin HD Theme: Red is an apk-package that allows you to set the Red theme to your Dolphin Browser HD.
Dolphin Desktop Toggles
Dolphin Desktop Toggles is an add-on for the Dolphin Browser HD that allows to switch between two browsing modes: Desktop and Android.
Dolphin HD Theme: Orange
Dolphin HD Theme: Orange is an apk-package that enables you to change default view of the Dolphin Browser HD to the Orange theme.
Dolphin Browser HD
Dolphin Browser HD is a mobile browser for Android powered devices that supports add-ons.
Babbler Lite
Babbler Lite is fully featured Facebook client to use on your Android smartphone.
AndTweet is a light-weight Twitter client for the devices based on the Android mobile platform.
3CXPhone is a free VoIP Softphone application for Android supported smartphones.
TweetDeck is an application that allows you to stay in touch with what is happening on Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Buzz.
Android Manager WiFi
This app allows to synchronize, manage and back up mobile contents between handset and PC, such as contacts, calendar events, messages, media files.
Truphone for Android allows you to make free or cheap calls, using WiFi connection or without it.
AIM app for Android allows you stay in touch with your AOL and Facebook friends.
TweetCaster is a Twitter client application developed for Android based devices that supports multiple accounts.
MSN Talk
This is an MSN (Windows Live) Messenger client application for Android powered smartphones.
KakaoTalk is an app that allows sending and receiving free IM between Android and iPhone users worldwide.
Free SMS
Free SMS is an application for Android devices that sends free SMS messages using SMS to Email gateways.
androidVNC app allows you to see and control desktop of your computer from your Android phone.
MSN Droid
MSN Droid is an Android client for the MSN messenger that helps you stay in touch with your friends.
Pinch iMessenger
Pinch iMessenger is a cross-platform messaging app with location-aware mobile social networking features. Also available for iOS and BlackBerry.
Remko's forum
Remko's forum is an application to discuss the latest news, share your opinion on many different topics.
The app is designed to communicate using Morse code. There is a possibility of the basement light, sound and vibration signals.
Vonage Mobile
Vonage Mobile app for Android allows you to call or message to your Facebook friends.
Gmote is a client part application to remotely control your computer from Android phone.
FriendPlay for Android phones allows you to enjoy free SMS over mobile and connect to your MSN, Yahoo, AIM and Gtalk messengers.
ElJay is a LiveJournal client for Android allowing you to post entries to the LiveJournal service.
SMS Popup
SMS Popup is an app that allows in depth customization of SMS/MMS notifications including a popup dialog that shows when a message is received.
FBook is a simple Facebook client application for Android powered phones.
Facebook Sync
Facebook Sync app synchronizes photos of your Facebook friends with the photos of your Android Contacts.
Hyves mobile android app allows you to stay in touch with your friends on your Android phone.
ConnectBot app for Android allows you to establish SSH connection to unix-based servers.
AndFTP is a FTP/SFTP/FTPS client for Android devices that allows managing several FTP servers.
WebSMS is an Android app that sends free and cheap messsages via different web services.
Y5 Battery Saver
Y5 Battery Saver remembers the location visited WiFi spots and enables/disables WiFi as soon as you are in the area.
EasyShare is a simple application that allows you to share resources on your phone with others through text messages, emails, QR codes, and more.
pMessenger is a phone to phone messaging app for Android powered devices.
Seesmic is an app for Android powered smartphones that lets you manage your social networks.
K-9 Mail
K-9 Mail is an advanced open source email client for Android
DroidBlock is an Android app that allows you to block incoming calls with numbers from the blacklist.
Shadow app makes it possible to browse the web anonymously from your Android device.
DroidSL is a one-way communication service that allows Second Life users to send instant messages directly form their Android phone.
TorProxy provides an anonymous data connection service.
Voice SMS
With Voice SMS you can record and send voice message via SMS and recipient will receive normal SMS with link to stream your voice message.
With picplz app for Android one can tell the friends something with a photo.
textPlus an application developed for Android phone that allows to write text messages to other people who have such app installed.
Multi Sms
Multi Sms is an Android app that allows you to broadcast the SMS to many recipients.
Free Private Browser
Free Private Browser 1.3.6 is a full screen browser app for Android, with video support.
GeoDialer an alternative application for Android Phone Dialer.
TextWand is an Android Messenger app that sends Push Messages to anyone globally for free and syncs these messages automatically to your PC.
Bg Sms Sender
Bg Sms Sender app allows you to send from your Android free sms to Bulgarian operators in case you are registered on their sites.
Droid PhoneControl Lite
Droid PhoneControl Lite app for Android you can utilize WiFi to transfer files and control your mobile phone using your computer.
Network Info
Network Info is an Android app that shows information about the phone and the current network connection.
Autrien SecureSMS application is encryption based messaging service, where messages are sent and received in an encrypted format.
Queueing is a small app for Android to estimate utilization of server and probability of requests waiting.
WordPress for Android is an Open Source app that empowers you to write new posts, edit content, and manage comments in your wordpress blog.
To stop the junk, advertising and unwanted SMS messages use PrivateSMS for Android.
adaffix shows the name of the caller once you have received an unknown call (works for non-hidden numbers).
Touiteur is a highly customizable Twitter client developed for Android powered devices.
SMS Replier
SMS Replier is an Android application that allows you to respond to the text messages and calls responsibly, for example while you are driving.
AutoRecall FREE
AutoRecall FREE 0.91b is app that gives automatic ReDial and ReCall feature to your phone. Repeat calls automatically on busy or other call failures.
Taggers is a location-based micro-blogging (Graffiti), reminders (My Notes), and private messaging service. RSS reader
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PhoneInfo by Zirak is an Android application, which shows such information as WiFi IP, IMEI, phone number, position in GSM cells.
NetCounter is a simple network traffic counter for EDGE/3G and Wi-Fi with user-configurable counters that shows your data usage.
StatDroid Lite
StatDroid Lite allows you analyze and synthesize stats for Call log, SMS, Image, Audio/Music, Video, Contacts, Minutes, Browser, etc.
IM+ is an all-in-one mobile instant messenger client application for Android devices.
Twitta is an open source Twitter client for Android. With Twitta you can post tweets, direct messages, replies and do some more stuff.
Vopium allows you to make international calls or send SMS from your mobile phone without changing your current operator or SIM-card.
SatTracx Mobile Locator
SatTracx mobile locator application helps to know your location or the whereabouts of your family, friends or your assets at anytime.
Google Buzz
Google Buzz by Spartan Coders provides instant access to the mobile version of google buzz service.
Swift is a twitter client application for android devices from Sebastian Delmont.
Skype Lite Beta
Skype Lite is a mobile client for the popular communication service Skype designed for the Android powered phones.
WiFinder is a WiFi networks scanner application for Android.
fring lets you call and chat your friends over 3G/4G and WiFi. It allows video calls on capable devices.
Transdroid is a remote torrent client manager for µTorrent, Transmission, rTorrent, Vuze, Deluge or BitTorrent 6.
AndChat is a free multiserver IRC application for the Android mobile platform.
AndroidChat is a location-based chat client. The client is built from a modified inspircd IRC daemon used to support the location-aware services.
Palringo is an universal messenger for various IM services allowing you to chat, send picture messages, share your location, see location of friends.
Handcent Font Pack4
Handcent Font Pack4 is the additional font package, which one can apply to the Handcent SMS and other applications by Handcent.
Handcent Font Pack3
Handcent Font Pack3 is the font package, which one can apply to the Handcent SMS and other applications by Handcent. It supports Europe characters.
Handcent Font Pack2
Handcent Font Pack2 is the font package, which can be applied to the Handcent SMS and other applications by Handcent.
PdaNet for Android PdaNet allows your computer to go online through the Android phone's data connection. Supports USB Tether and Bluetooth DUN.
chompSMS offers to people who often write sms a lot of extra features like chat-style bubbles, contact pictures, quick reply, signatures.
Twidroyd is a Twitter client for Android with clean and easy to use interface.
eBuddy is an instant messaging application for Android phone, which supports the most popular messaging services.
Hi MSN is a Windows Live Messenger client for android. It supports chat bubbles, smileys, colorful text and winks among Hi MSN users.
Hi AIM is an AIM client for android phones, which supports smileys, themes, color text, bubbles, animations among Hi AIM users.
Dolphin Browser
Dolphin Browser is an android browser application with multi touch Pinch zooming, rss detection, google bookmarks support.
Handcent SMS
Handcent SMS is an app that combines a number of sms tools for your Android smartphone.
Bluetooth File Transfer
Bluetooth File Transfer is a file browser and explorer for your Android mobile phone capable to send and receive files via bluetooth.
MySpace Mobile
With MySpace Mobile for Android-powered devices you can use many of existing functions of your MySpace account.
Facebook for Android
Facebook for Android helps to stay connected with your friends, and has the ability to browse friends profiles and native photo integration.
Google Voice
Google Voice for Android lets you place calls ans send SMS showing your Google number. Listen to voicemail or read transcripts from Google inbox.
Meebo is a multiprotocol IM to connect with your Meebo ID or AIM, Yahoo, Facebook, Windows Live Messenger, MySpace, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber accounts.
Phonalyzr takes your phone call log and displays a number of different graphs which can give you an interesting look into your calling habits.
Android jChat
Android jChat is an agent based chat application with GPS support for Android, based on the JADE agent framework.
Opera Mini
Opera Mini is a well-known mobile Web browser. Get a faster, more cost-efficient web browsing experience.
XLive is a 3-in-1 Internet tool. It has an integrated RSS reader, multi-protocol messenger as well as email client with SSL support.
TwitterDroid lets you read and publish to your Twitter, it’s a kind of port of Twitterific, the excellent application for MacOS X.
Android Location
Android Location facilitates real-world interaction between friends and puts an end to frustrating missed connections.
KudoStar is a mobile social rating system that connects your contacts and favorite locales.
Let's Coffee
Let's Coffee is a proximity notifier that tries to connect two or more people, who wish to spend time by a cup of coffee or any other social activity
Twitter Client
Twitter Client is a client for the Twitter web service, which allows you to send a new tweet and view incoming tweets from friends.

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